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Charlotte Bourgeois Rousson, Charlotte Bourgeois, Charlotte Rousson
Charlotte Bourgeoi Rousson

Welcome to my world !

My name is Charlotte, I am textile designer and creative workshop facilitator. Today i am living in Chambery and I have been working in India the past 10 years and enjoy the most out of those enriching cultures.

I am here to share my Indo-French expertise and my professional network to help turn your creative dreams into reality.

If we worked together in tree words :



Preciously holding onto the treasures of my childhood fantasy world: the wild colours and materials; the lights, the sounds, the smells.

The taste for travel, discovery, chance meetings and adventures: stories of the real and the imaginary. 

The fascination for14 thrift stores, second-hand merchants and bric-à-brac.



The 14, the Traditional and the Handmade.

Textiles, in all forms and of all ages, origins and cultures.

Images, natural or artificial, figurative or abstract, graphic, pictorial or photographic.

Craftmanship, the secular or contemporary; the roots, techniques and processes; the materials and the tools.



Custom Designs adapted to your tastes and needs.


Charlotte Bourgeois Rousson.

Mes références:
+ Hannoh - France
+ June Kids - Australie
+ Richmond Works - Dubai
+ Lucas du Tertre - Paris
+ The Good Juicery - Inde
+ Hurry home furniture - Australie
+ One O Eight Café - Indie
+ Bang Bang Collective - Inde
+ Tout un petit monde - Paris
+ Epices - Paris

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